We Won!

We Won!


We are thrilled to announce we’ve been voted Best Flooring/Carpeting Company by readers of the Coachella Valley Independent and viewers of KESQ News Channel 3! Thank you so much for this honor, we love to serve this community with pride.
Luxurious Bedroom Carpeting

Why Carpet Is A Must In Your Bedrooms

One big decision you need to make when you are either building or remodeling your home, is what type of flooring you’d like to have. Part of the choice you have to make is where you would like to have carpet in your home. One excellent place to have carpet in your home is in your bedrooms. Here are three reasons why carpet is a must in your bedrooms.


One awesome reason to go with carpet in your bedrooms is because it is so comfortable. High quality carpet, with a thick pad underneath, will help you to feel as if you are walking on a pillow. This will feel amazing on your feet and will help you to really enjoy walking around your bedroom. This can also be easier on your feet than harder flooring, and can help prevent feet problems. 


Another great reason to choose carpet for your bedrooms is because it is naturally a lot warmer than hard flooring. This makes it much more enjoyable to walk on when you get out of bed in the morning. You won’t immediately feel cold when you hit the floor, but can instead bring some of the comfort from your soft bed with you. 


Lastly, carpet is much quieter to walk on than any type of hard flooring. This makes it possible for you to get up early, go to the bathroom in the night, or even go to bed late, without worrying about waking up anyone else in your home, or even in your own bedroom. This is great, especially if you have small children that you are concerned about waking up. 

To learn more reasons why carpet is a must in your bedrooms, or to get carpet for your bedrooms today, visit us at Flooring Innovations

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