We Won!

We Won!


We are honored that we’ve been voted Best Flooring/Carpeting Company by readers of the Coachella Valley Independent and viewers of KESQ News Channel 3, as well as The Desert Sun for the past 3 years! Thank you so much for this honor, we love to serve this community with pride.
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Why the pink?

Warm Up Your Home with Area Rugs

When you have hardwood or tile flooring throughout your home, the seamless look can be gorgeous, but it can also look a bit cold at times. To give your rooms a cozy look and feel, consider putting down decorative area rugs. Many places in your home can benefit from such additions.  Flooring Innovations has an incredible offering of Area Rugs in our Palm Desert Showroom * Living Room – You can create a fabulous conversation area in your living room with a large, gorgeous rug. Place it in the middle of the floor or wherever you want your seating area. Then arrange your sofa and a couple of cushioned chairs around the rug. Place ottomans or a coffee table in the middle and an accent table between the chairs as well as at each end of the sofa. If you have neutral decor, you can opt for a vibrant area rug to add color and style to your space. If your decor is already colorful, select a neutral design that won’t clash with your other furniture pieces. * Dining Room – Place an elegant area rug underneath your dining room table to add texture and depth to the room. Choose one with an unusual pattern for the best look. Since dining rooms generally don’t have a lot of colors in the decor, try one with a swirl of different hues in the design. Go with a thick rug so the weight of the table and the chairs won’t cause noticeable dips in the material which can make it look inexpensive and out of place. * Bedroom – A large area rug placed under your bed will provide a gorgeous look as well as a warm, soft place to put your feet when you get in and out of bed. A rug in your bedroom will help to make your sleeping area the focal point in the room. You’ll want a design that’s larger and longer than your bed for the best look. Be sure to center your bed atop the rug. If you have storage benches at the end of your mattress, you’ll want to choose a size for your area rug that’s long enough to also go under that seating space. * Playroom – If you have a dedicated playroom in your home, you’ll want an area rug that covers the majority of the flooring in that space. Children need a soft place to play, so they can sit on the floor for as long as they want. When active and running about, if they fall, they won’t get bruised with a rug. Your pets will love the soft cushion as well. You’ll want one that wears well and also one that hides dirt. Try a low shag style in a speckled design with medium brown and gray colors. Rugs are a marvelous way to add warmth as well as a chic appearance to your decor. With decorative area rugs, you can mix and match colors and designs throughout your home to create a distinctive look that your entire family will adore.  Stop by our Palm Desert or Pam Springs showrooms today and let’s find you the perfect area rug for your home!

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