Is Quartz In and Granite Out for Countertops?

No! In fact, as much as these products are similar – they are different. Both are gorgeous, durable, natural options for your countertops. Neither is better or worse than the other. And, the design style options are endless! It is easy to assume that one is pricier than the other. When in fact, depending on the size and design selected, the price on both selections will fluctuate in the same ranges. Still not convinced? Check out the comparison below…

  • All Natural – Quartz is 97% natural and created from the Quarry waste. Granite is 100% natural and is cut straight from the Quarry.
  • Durability & Care – Both are extremely durable. But, because Granite is natural, it is porous. This means it has to be sealed at installation as well as maintained over time. Granite is also prone to unplanned natural cracks and blemishes hindering its durability. Quartz is fabricated with resin, making the slab uniform throughout. This creates less opportunity for cracking and staining. The resin also eliminates the need for sealing the material. 
  • Price – It is impossible to claim one is more expensive than the other across the board. Mainly because this is an internationally outsourced product. Install costs will run about the same for either. As Quartz becomes more popular, you will find basic styles offered at a lower cost. Granite pricing will fluctuate depending on the size and location it is coming from. 
  • Style – Either option could be used in various genres of design. Of course, Granite is going to give the most natural looking stone option. But, Quartz has some amazing engineered options that work very well with a more contemporary or modern theme. Both can have speciality edges implemented and come in different thicknesses. It is sometimes worth it to be in awe of a one-of-a-kind granite selection or to be able to custom select the perfect Quartz.

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