From Classic to Trendy – Wood Flooring Trends for 2017

Just thinking about wood flooring conjures images of natural warmth and beauty – it’s a classic choice, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t new twists on the old favorite.

Wood flooring is extremely popular right now, and the trend shows no sign of waning. Selecting the best color and type of flooring for your lifestyle and taste is always best, but the trend this year is leaning toward the more dramatic effects of lighter and darker wood colorings that underscore and enhance bolder and contrasting decors. Very dark colors like ebony, espresso and dark walnut are high on the list of choices; these colors offer a smoother look with less visible grain and are being heavily used as a warm contrast in white kitchens.

On the other hand, light wood such as white washed or light blond with very little or no yellowish cast are trending among people who want to create an airy, brighter look. Gray wood flooring is making a strong appearance and is expected to remain in fashion – it’s a diverse color and can be a lighter shade, blended with a brown tone, or quite dark, depending on personal preference.

Polished, shiny finishes are definitely on the decline, being replaced by matte and low sheen finishes on wood flooring. A return to nature is trending, from finishes to plank styles to natural or manmade distressing. More informal styles like varied plank widths and lengths as well as longer wide plank floors showing the wood’s natural, beautiful grain and knots has become popular. Texture is being seen in hand-crafted finishes including wire brushing and scraping. In addition, wood patterns are picking up steam, such as parquet designs and herringbone patterns.

Sustainability is also on people’s minds when buying wood flooring. Bamboo is a perfect eco-friendly choice – it’s actually a fast-growing, sustainable grass with strength comparable to many hardwoods and is flame resistant. Another big trend is reclaimed wood, whether from old barns, old houses or commercial structures being demolished, or right underneath a home’s old carpeting. Besides helping the environment, many people love knowing their reclaimed wood floor has a history behind it – a story all its own.

Wood flooring is a timeless choice that is making a new statement in today’s homes and businesses.

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